Team Banque Fédérale

Are you ready to go pro? Join our team! Inspired by the Jack & Jeanette Friess photo below, we’ve decided to create a Team Banque Fédérale page. If you have a photo taken in one of Ben Barnes jerseys (or any photo that relates to Dave Shields books) please send it to us with a short explaination. We’d love to publish it. To order your jersey please click here, then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Jack and Jeanette Friess of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, celebrate Jeanette’s first century ride!
Dave Shields and Greg Lemond at Promintory Point, Utah. Dave is wearing the first Banque Fédérale jersey prototype.
Steven and Courtney looking hot.
Dave Shields riding the Moab Century.
Saul Raisin ran into Bill Barnes (a relative of Ben Barnes?) in a Georgia cycling shop.
Elizabeth from Toyota United thinks Dave’s books are tasty!