The Pendulum’s Path: Reviews

“[From] the first line, I was hooked. Everything went uphill from there …filled with fire and intensity.”
- Writer’s Digest Book Awards

“The Pendulum’s Path is a gripping, engaging story, very well written by a very talented writer. It will remain in my collection as an example of literate alternative Mormon fiction.”
- The Association for Mormon Letters

“[G]rabs the reader by the throat and dares one to stop before the final resolution. Dave Shields has written an emotionally rich book that proves coming- of-age is not an adolescent phenomenon, and does it with charm and optimism that is often lacking in a time when cynicism too often prevails.”
- Blue Iris Journal

“A captivating tale of a domineering Mormon father who ultimately does not practice what he preaches. The last several chapters, built around a rock climbing adventure, will have you on the edge of your Barcalounger.”
- Park City Magazine

“…a carefully crafted tale that slams the reader from one side of the plot to another…a brilliantly executed accomplishment.”
- The Utah Runner

“I could not put it down.”
- Michael Kayser, author of Shadow Hand Blues

“Really complex… revealing how things interwove… Everything worked toward the analogy so well, and I didn’t even see it coming.”
- Keith Pyatt, author of Above Haldis Notch

“As a Utah transplant this story explained so much to me about the local culture, all while relating an incredible story. The characters I met in The Pendulum’s Path will be with me forever.”
- Margot Shott, Book Lover

“LaVar Crump is well-meaning, but his idea of saintliness wounds his family. Long after his death, his wife, children, and grandson must still deal with the pain of his legacy. Who can survive it? I enjoyed reading The Pendulum’s Path because of the main characters. They stick in my mind.”
- Gloria Piper, author of Train to Nowhere

“…an exciting story in the tradition of Pat Conroy.”
- Sola, Internationally known artist

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