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“This author has a working crystal ball.”
Pedal Pushers August 1, 2006

“In April, American cycling guru Dave Shields completed a novel about a young man under immense pressure to cheat to win the Tour de France. Now Shields finds himself hoping that the race’s real-life winner, Floyd Landis, didn’t succumb to those very same sorts of pressures.”
– Baltimore Sun, July 28, 2006

“Though the bicycles crossed the finish line today, cycling enthusiasts can extend Tour de France excitement by reading Dave Shields’ The Tour.”
Sunday News, July 23, 2006, Lancaster, PA (boyhood home of Floyd Landis)

“Shields carefully walks the line on the [doping] topic, building up a scenario where the reader can almost empathize with an athlete’s decision to cheat.”
Velo News, July 2006 View review PDF

“Shields does [inspirational novels] one better by avoiding a cliché ending without compromising the story.”
The Salt Lake Tribune, July 2, 2006

“To the very last page, the story continues to pull you in many different directions, from the many interwoven character relationships to the intricacies of the race itself. The Tour is a fast-paced, action packed cycling adventure from cover-to-cover with a surprising twist at the end that will definitely catch you off-guard.”
Cycling Interactive

“The Tour presents a uniquely open discussion of the complex pressures and circumstances of cheating. It gave me an inside-the-race understanding of what athletes cope with, saying in fiction what real sportsmen would love to say, and I admire those who race clean all the more for it.”
Aron Ralston, New York Times bestselling author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place

“Rather than tread a tired path about the dangers of drug use and the immoral nature of the cheats, Shields turns the angle on its head as he highlights the enormous pressures pro cyclists can come under and the easy justification available to them should they take this step. At times, the logic is so compelling that the reader is actually egging Barnes on to take that fateful step.”

“Whether you already understand the sport of cycling or not, reading Dave Shields novels is just plain fun!”
Frank Layden, 1984 NBA Coach of the Year (Utah Jazz)

“Besides giving me an understanding of the pressures put on athletes to cheat, The Tour is the most exciting, riveting book I’ve read in years — and I’m not even a cycling fan.”
–Joreid McFate, author of The Demon Plague

“Dave’s books are really good. You should read them.”
Viatcheslov Ekimov, Cycling legend

“Dave Shields’ new novel, The Tour, is a captivating reminder that while the highest human endeavors are never without cost, the heroism of spirit and sheer will are what make us fans of this incredibly difficult sport.”
– Janna Trevisanut, Editor,
Daily Peloton International Cycling News

“With equal honesty, Shields illustrates the things that are right and wrong with sport. I’m no fan of athletics, but I found this book my most profound read of the year.”
– Christopher Hoare, author of Rast

“…knowledgeable insight into France’s most famous cycling race…. Shields’ fast-moving writing style adds excitement and suspense to this action-packed novel.”
France Magazine

“Dave Shields knows how to tell a story.”
Pez Cycling News

“Dave’s new book, The Tour: A Novel, fills out the adventure he began in The Race perfectly. Along the way he educates readers on the issues of performance enhancing drugs. It’s a topic deserving of close inspection, and this book is a big step in the right direction. The Tour is a fantastic book.”
Marty Jemison 1999 US Pro Cycling Champion and one of fewer than two dozen Americans in history to finish the Tour de France

“Dave’s books will pump you for cycling.”
Mark Victor Hansen, Guinness Book World Record Holder for concurrent New York Times best-selling titles

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