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July 18, 2007 interview on Versus.
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Tour de Life has been named the Best Sports Biography of 2007!
– USA Book News

“Raisin’s long, miraculous, tear-jerking fight back to the cycling arena [is] engaging and inspiring.”
Publishers Weekly, September 17, 2007

“A brave story of miracles from a stellar athlete at his lowest moment to the heights he is reaching all over again.”
BookShorts, September 24, 2007

“Raisin’s child-like enthusiasm is contagious, and his goal to win the Tour de France will prompt readers to follow his career closely.”
BikeRadar, October 21, 2007

“Tour de Life will astound and inspire in equal measure.”
Procycling Magazine, August 2007

“This book is a must-read, not only for cycling enthusiasts but for anyone that wishes to tackle the odds and play the hand they were dealt in order to win! Come take a walk through this Tour we call Life!”
The Daily Peloton, September 21, 2007

“[Saul’s] book was inspirational and his love for cycling is contagious. After reading portions of the book, I just wanted to go out and ride to feel life (and I did)! ”
The Greenville News, September 25, 2007

“Fantastic… Raisin tells his incredible story.”
Road: The Journal of Road Cycling and Culture, September 2007

“If you are looking for a cycling book that embodies all that is good about our sport, pick up Tour de Life immediately.”
Road Bike Action Magazine, September 2007

“Tour de Life: From Coma to Competition is phenomenal. A really, really good book!”
– Bob Babbit, The Competitors, Click here to download Saul’s 8/26/07 radio interview

“Tour de Life is not only a must-read for cycling fans, it’s inspiring and worth reading for everybody.”, September 26, 2007

“Saul’s courageous fight inspired my victory in Paris.”
Thor Hushovd, 2006 Tour de France stage winner and yellow jersey wearer

“Saul Raisin had the talent [to be the next Lance Armstrong], that much was for sure, yet only now do I realize he also had the toughness and resilience to see that ambition succeed.”
Graham Watson, World renowned cycling photographer

“Saul Raisin’s epic battle for life is going to inspire millions, I know it inspired me. Do yourself a favor. Read this amazing book!”
Dave Towle, The Voice of American Racing

“This is one of the most heart felt and motivating books I have ever read. I can without question recommend this book to everyone, whether they are a cyclist or not.”, August 13, 2007

“Totally, completely real.”
Pedal Pushers On-Line

“Tour de Life does an incredible job of capturing what truly happens in the journey of a person and their family when dealing with a brain injury. It evokes the emotions, the hard work, and the challenges for the future that people in this situation face.”
– Susan Johnson MA CCC CCM, Director of Brain Injury Services, Shepherd Center

“Saul and Dave owe me several boxes of Kleenex. This book is awesome. I look forward to the follow up when Saul wins.”
– Terry Youmans, President of American Cycling

“Tour de Life will touch your heart, your mind and enhance your own value of living every day with gusto as you follow the progress made by one very special young man.”
The Paceline – July 18, 2007

“The twists and turns of Saul’s progress make for an unbelievable yet true story that only someone in his physical condition could survive. What the Raisin family went through makes it an even more fantastic read!”
– Mark Elliott, WIBW Radio

“Dave brings cycling to the pages in a way where you can feel the wind in your hair, you can feel yourself start to sweat, you can feel your heart rate go up. It’s almost like your legs get sore just by reading his books… When he told me that he was going to be writing Saul Raisin’s story I knew that it would be equally, if not more compelling than his fictional works, and I have to tell you that it is. It is emotional; it is a tear jerker from the very beginning. Whether you are a parent, or a sibling… if you are a human you will find this book interesting and compelling. I highly recommend that you get a copy of Tour de Life.”
– David Bernstein, The FredCast cycling podcast

Comments from Early Readers

“Your wonderful book will help untold numbers of brain injury patients to adapt and overcome. Bless both you and Saul for your efforts in making this book possible. And thanks for all your writing. You are one of the best!”

“What a book. I enjoyed every word of it. It dissolved all my excuses not to push myself a hard as I can go all the time. Thanks Saul. Your my Hero!”

“Just finished reading your book – I couldn’t put down. Truly an inspirational account of turning tragedy in triumph. If you never stand atop another podium, or even don a professional jersey, you will always be always be a True Champion.”

“Don’t know how to put into words what a great job you did on Saul’s book! As good a job as you did with The Tour and The Race…which I didn’t think could be matched. I’m 42 years old and the last time I had a book captivate me to the level of your books was when I read “The Old Man and the Sea” in the seventh grade (and I read probably 15-20 books a year now). Finding a book that is enjoyable is hard enough….but for me to find a book that I simply can’t put down is rare (The Race and The Tour did that), but to find a book that I can’t put down and that changes me in some way is nearly impossible….Saul’s book does that! Thanks for writing it! And yes, you can quote me on that.”

“The book also touched me in a professional way. I am a Physical Therapy Assistant and worked many years with TBI patients and could identify with the frustrations of working and dealing with the everyday issues of a brain injured patient. What is so wonderful about the book is the way you were able to bring alive Saul’s perspective on every day life and brought out his honest emotions. This book should be marketed to the rehab profession and made mandatory reading for every rehab practitioner. Not only was it accurate in portraying the reality of their thinking and actions but it was clinically educational. It gave new light and hope for TBI patients to strive for bigger goals.”

“I think Dave Shields did a great job, and the sales and reviews will reflect that. In a way the book is both exhaustive and exhausting, though that’s no doubt what it should be given the subject matter. By packing so many emotions into such little space, [Tour de Life] takes you as close as a book ever could to the sense of overload your parents must have felt. At the same time there’s enough light relief.”

“Thanks so much for your great books and for telling Saul’s inspiring story. Helping my friend’s wife decide whether or not to remove life support, anointing when he died and doing his funeral was one of the most difficult experiences I have ever had–it challenged my faith and it haunts me still. It is very healing for me to read of similar circumstances that have a much happier ending. I’ll be a Saul Raisin fan for life. A Dave Shields one too.”

“I want to thank you and Saul for a wonderful book and an inspiring story. I had been loosely aware of his accident and recovery, but nothing prepared me for the magnitude of his injuries and his recovery. It’s a great book. It’s written with an intimacy and immediacy that really grips the reader. I think that the division of point of view from Jim and Yvonne’s story at first, to Saul’s view second is a brilliant approach.”

“Outstanding work by the group of you! Dave’s writing and the Raisins’ sharing. Incredibly moving and the pages almost turn themselves whilst reading. Such insight into what should have been a grievous tragedy. Credit Agricole for standing by Saul is a huge contrast in how Cofidis handled a different rider’s health issues. Chapeau to them too!”

“You have a winner in Tour de Life. I’ve been mesmerized with the book and am frustrated that I’m almost done. I want to keep reading. You’re a gifted writer. Keep up the awesome

“Loved the book! Dave was a great choice to team up with as I also loved his other books.”

“It is so cool to get a copy signed by both of you. I’ve been reading it nearly non-stop when I wasn’t at work and just finished. I highly recommend this greatly inspirational story… Your is truly an awesome tale of human spirit told that Dave has presented so well.”

“Saul, just finished reading your book… Whoa! My Lord! What a journey! You have gone beyond inspiring me. I’m a 48 yr old who starting riding 3 years ago. Dave Shields is also awesome. My wife and I have been deeply touched by your struggle and conquest. God has great things in store for you, Saul! You can believe that! Much love from one who’s been impacted by your experience! Thanks for writing it all down!”